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Furry Avalon Administration[edit]

Owner; keirod

Current Administrators;

User Talk[edit]

The new AUP / TOS Bans any kind of Yaoi Shota and Lolicon. The problem isn't weather it's probably legal, the *real* problem is, the law isn't clear enough as to what is legal. I do not want us like other places on the net, and allow something because I like it, so when I say Yaoi Shota and Lolicon, I mean all of it. I don't mean (Blank) can slide, because I talk keirod into it. I really like Yaoi and (Male)Shotacon, but the laws aren't clear enough for my taste.

BTW. TY TY TY TY Whom ever separated and redone the main subject page, Thanks Very Much. There was a lot of unnecessary things in that. Probably would have been easier to just list Yaoi Shota and Lolicon is Banned, rather then mixing too much law crap with all of that. Sites are blocked in some countries for that type of content.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by FievelJ (talkcontribs) .

Excuse me but a good way to clear this up would to confirm or disconfirm if anyone has been arrested for Lolicon or Shotacon?—The preceding unsigned comment was added by AspiePie (talkcontribs) .

Administrator Bull[edit]

I was an administrator since Tricksta owned Furry Avalon.
Those days were fun, not like they weren't. Bringing back the anyone uploading anything relevant section I am considering.
I haven't talked to the owner since I decided to go Wikifur however, so considering is all the further I care to go at this point.
At one time it was called (Unknown) artist. If it works in anyway flexible like Coppermine did with folders, I believe the way I want to work that is,
Username (FievelJ) then the folder FievelJ / Tricksta / Images Originally by Tricksta.
In other words, create a folder with the original artist's name on it.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by FievelJ (talkcontribs) .

And asking here as well
Is it too much to ask to leave the site's software listed?—The preceding unsigned comment was added by FievelJ (talkcontribs) .

Unless it is really important to note (furry software, MUCKs), no, and specially giving it an external (advert) link on a furry forum article - Spirou 23:52, 19 October 2011 (EDT)

Well then ahm,, okay.
You and I both know, admitidly, I stink at Wiki Stuff anyway.
I'll just hope we grow, so there's relevant stuff to add to it. Thank You, and I really Do Mean That. ;)

more shitty sloppy crap. 18 and over Adult Yaoi characters are accepted, just so long as neither character appears to be under the age of 18.

Until the laws on this subject are made clearer, that Yaoi / Shota and Lolicon is in fact legal, Furry Avalon Disallows any content of Human in nature animated Anime, or other characters which are under, or appear to be under 18.
Cub Porn is of course allowed, because it hardly qualifies for the same type section.
Cub Porn also currently has no legal status at all. --FievelJ 19:15, 28 October 2011 (EDT)