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Expunging the Controversy section+personal data (New information)[edit]

New reference news links indicates that all charges against Fritter were dropped for the crime he was accused off. As covered here and elsewhere, the position of users that were not found guilty, or the charges were dropped, to have this type of information remove/stricken off, as it is damaging in effect for innocent individuals. This is not a contradictory suggestion regarding actually guilty and sentenced individuals on Wikifur (Mitch Beiro, Mozdoc, Tora, Evil Sibe, Lightpaws, Frank Gembeck, Ted Sheppard, Alan T. Panda, Mizzyam, Formic Hivemind, Wolfie Stonespirit, Brown Leopard, Keba, etc...).

If no con/rebuttal arguments against removing this disproven controversy, I am indicating a desire to remove such section and corresponding links within 8 hours. Thoughts?. - Spirou 01:02, 19 February 2014 (EST)

Removing the controversy section sounds reasonable. (He may also be requesting personal exclusion.)--Higgs Raccoon 05:39, 19 February 2014 (EST)
Ironic that it was his PE request that made it possible to find the information that absolved him. The final edit had me looking for alternate ref URLs for 404s links, which lead to the article relaying the final clearing of all charges against him. the article may be locked down forever, but he got the last (exonerating) word in. - Spirou 07:17, 19 February 2014 (EST)