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For historical curiosity, here are the messages that triggered the online threat:

Eric Blumrich[edit]

"Mr. Ploppy" <> wrote in message news:9nmmd3$saj$

yo... Welcome to the real world, America. This sorta nastiness hashappened just about every day for the last 50 years, sometimes on a lesser scale, sometimes on a greater scale, all around the world. Let's cease the rightist bloviation about "war." Maybe it's the lingering conservative afterglow from Desert Storm (which wasn't a "war", either), but that term gets bandied about so much in such incidents that it becomes cliche, and in the process, denegrates the situation it's intended to address. All I've heard over the past 16 hours is "Osama this, osama that." If, indeed, Osama Bin Laden is the culprit, we are addressing a loosely-bound confederation of disparate elements and groups bound together by the cash of a Saudi Dissident, and a global political and social condition.

Let's be honest, if we're gonna focus all of our ire on a single individual, we're talking about arrest or assasination- not war (even in the sense that the aforementioned rightists use.) On the other hand, if we're gonna address the global condition, we're not talking about "war" in the context that we have heard bandied about so often over the past 24 hours by the pundits- we're talking about an egregious spate of military and political fallout that resulted from the machinations of the superpowers during the 40-year-long "cold war."

For those who cry "this is the beginning- expect more- loook under your bed for terorrists, etc"- you're doing EXACTLY what Bin Laden (if he is, indeed, responsible) wants you to do- you're dancing to his tune, and trust me, he's loving every second. The true aim of terrorists is not to directly defeat this country, (or any other country they vent their ire upon,) it is to spread fear, to make us turn on one another, to make us isolationist, and self-obsessed (as if America wasn't self-obsessed enough- but that's another topic.) When we sit here, huddled in fear, wondering when the next shoe will drop- when we cast about ourselves in fear of stateless enemies that we can only epitomize in the persons of folks like Bin Laden- when we consider sacrificing our civil liberties (those upon which this very country was founded) for a false sense of security, we've already lost.

Bin Laden (if he is responsible) has blown his wad. I've followed his actions and movements for a number of years (since his involvement if the first WTC bombing back in '93), and there's a pattern. There are typically years between his actions- and after this one, he'll be doing the taliban equivalent of the book circuit for quite a while before he gathers the resources to strikes again.

Will we use this time wisely? I hope so, but I doubt it... Past experience in such things doesn't exactly fill me with hope...

We made this bed, and I'm not just talking about America- I'm talking about the great powers of the world who shat on the world for the 40 fruitless, pointless years of the now-almost-forgotten cold war, and maybe, Just maybe, we can learn to rest in it.

I hate to sound cruel and heartless, but as Bill Hicks said, "That's the way I am." ekii."

Peter Schorn[edit]

"Corndog" <> wrote

Eric Blumrich, you are traitor and a ghoul, as well as a coward.

The next time I see you I will kill you with my bare hands.

And you are not a human being. You're an animal.

Without thought, without compassion, without mercy, without love."

Just for the records. Spirou 06:07, 13 Sep 2005 (UTC)