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well here, new article, since i didn't really like the way that the word anonymous redirected to troll

any contributions will be welcome, but i would like it if as much of the original text as possible was kept, since i think i did a pretty good job on the description —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Chase fowlsbane (talkcontribs) .


Hmm. I have a problem with the use of the word "group" to refer to Anonymous. Anonymous isn't a group, but a collective noun. It has no leader, no unifying principles etc. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

Epic edit! I'll say right now, I'm not a furry. I am Anonymous. I wanted to fix your article because it just didn't seem complete. It still isn't, but I'll leave that up to you to finish. I fixed most of the group thing... I always thought we were more of a hive mind. As the above stated, we have no leader or unifying principals. Also, I wanted to get across that Anonymous is not a secret club; becoming friends with a member does not give you a golden ticket into the clubhouse. There is no clubhouse, for that matter. Furry input is generally not accepted into the hive mind because there is too much bad blood between the two... though admittedly, it's a bit childish on the part of both parties because neither is really a true group. I guess it's a bit like religion. Religion is an ideal, not a group. And yet, holy wars are still being fought by the hardcore believers of some religions. Other less fanatic believers may not wish to engage in the conflict... some may even tolerate members of other religions. Nevertheless, you can't be a member of both religions. The same goes for Anonymous and furries. Some of us might be friends with some of you, and vice versa, but you can't really have it both ways without people on both sides getting pissed. There's too much bad blood. It's ignorant, but hey... anonymous was founded on the freedom to be an ignorant, pig-headed asshole. Another important point is the lulz factor. Amononymous is synonymous with the pursuit of lulz. Lulz can be epic, lulz can be funny, lulz can be mean-spirited... as long as it amuses someone. We started out as, and most of us still are, just a bunch of average people who were bored. Lulz are the chemo to our boredom. The rest of Anonymous just developed from there. And, concluding this post... well, forgive me, but I just got to say it. IM IN UR WIKI, FIXN UR ARTIKALZ. Regards, Anonymous.

I know the mods will think of this anon's edit as a attempt to troll...but...I find the edit quite true, and stand by it. Kewne 08:40, 20 July 2008 (UTC)

I'm an admin and I'm not going to revert. Of course all are welcome to edit it, and challenge any statements made. --Rat 09:14, 20 July 2008 (UTC)
Added {{Template:NPOV)) to article head, while the article now does provide a much wider scope of information it does seem a bit too opinionated in parts, and for a "hive-mind" the author seems to have come upon some rather serious conclusions for the group as a whole. — beeps (talk, contribs) 10:24, 20 July 2008 (UTC)
As a *channer myself (yes, there are furry anonymous/furry /b/tards), I understand the neutrality debate...but, most of what the anon edit stated is pretty much true. As far as citing sources, well, kinda hard to do with a group that has no "leaders" and no "official" anything, isn't it? Kewne 10:28, 20 July 2008 (UTC)
Indeed. Nothing is official. There is no true way to describe Anonymous without any personal bias, because no two see the same Anonymous. I edited this page to describe Anonymous the way most Anons describe Anonymous; however, if you ask any given participant in the hive mind what they think Anonymous as a whole stands for, you are likely to get a totally unique answer. For example, some might say that there is no place for homosexuality in Anonymous... and yet, others might not mind the occasional shota mixed in with their delicious loli. The same holds true for furries. Many in Anonymous have a zero-tolerance policy for "furfaggotry"... others have varying tolerances. I tend to observe that the majority look upon furries in at least a mildly negative light. I myself cannot say that accusations of personal bias are without foundation; indeed, I have trolled furries in the past and will continue to do so in the future. As a troll, it's easy to get a bad impression of furries; quite a few seem to be prone to emotional outbursts that are often ripe with lulz. Because there is a sort of common acknowledgement that furries have proven "easy targets," it has become a belief of the majority that furries are a thing to be trolled. Thus, I can say with confidence that it would be at least relatively accurate to say that the likelihood of a truce between Anonymous and furries is slim if not nonexistant. But again, I invite anyone to edit this article however they wish; Anonymous is, after all, a hive mind, and no description of Anonymous can be considered even remotely accurate without at least a few varied opinions. Again, I send my regards. -Anonymous.

Clarification is appreciated.[edit]

I would really appreciate clarification on the section of furry anons, as there appears to be a serious case of "I saw it so I'm the best judge of whether it happened or not". The presence of yiff-infused threads on /b/ does not confirm that a group of furries are Anonymous. Specific examples of extensive *chan-based raids on individual furries can and should be mentioned, as well as the fact that Anonymous has not ever allied with furries, Project Chanology or not. Possibility or speculation does not confirm anything. Basing evidence on speculation and possibility, however, confirms that this wiki is willing to publish anything as long as it advances the agenda of furry leaders worldwide, which I must point out, does not advance any credibility to this website, rather doing the opposite. -- 00:48, 31 May 2010 (UTC)

"I saw it" is a valid statement; we're not based on "reliable sources", just on whether or not something is actually true. Now, if you have reason to believe it isn't true, then you are of course welcome to edit the article appropriately. Since anyone can claim to be a member of an anonymous group, I'm unclear how it could be categorically disproved. --GreenReaper(talk) 00:57, 31 May 2010 (UTC)
I have most certainly heard about the furries that are a part of Anonymous. I didn't know they had their own logo, but they certainly exist. SilverserenC 01:00, 31 May 2010 (UTC)
I understand. I didn't cut a letter from the article, but I did add some of these ===> [citation needed] & [who?] Go ahead and remove them if that's your wish. -- 01:02, 31 May 2010 (UTC)
No, that should be fine. Do you have any references yourself that could be added? SilverserenC 01:04, 31 May 2010 (UTC)


Anonymous is actually an ideological group, not a bunch of trolls. Sure, there are kiddies on YouTube who wear a mask to do their trolling, but they aren't true anons--Anonymous doesn't care if you're a furry, and what Anonymous does isn't for lulz. Anonymous is a group supporting government transparency and opposing censorship--particularly online. Anonymous isn't just hacktivists--it's artists, musicians, scholars, People. Sure, many Anons might be trolls--just as they might also be a Trekkie or--yes--a furry. Anonymous doesn't exclude, because it would be impossible to do so. Anonymous is, at its core, an ideal--a world where information can be obtained for free. The individual doesn't matter--it is nothing. If an anon is arrested, like the heads of Hydra, many more will take its place, the abandoned one now useless and forgotten. Anonymous isn't anti-furry--furries are far below Anonymous' interest. Equivamp 03:39, 26 June 2011 (EDT)


It is here now. I am Devzero: Founder of Furrysec; the only insane fox around thats pissed off enough at MFFs2014 chemical attack to put everything I have on the line for both groups.

If wikifur is about neutrality and also history: We must be heard. Bounder (me) of MFF staff 2000-2001 is here now: One of your greatest healers, lovers and supporters.

If you guys dont want me anymore, so be it. The anons are not trolling me, my project #opsavemidewestfurfest

This is the alliance, here and now. I call all to arms. Join me. Join the fight and save our damn convention we all love; now.

I risk all i am, and even my gold staff badge on this. has received an offering letter of consent and offer for our assistance. Everything will be by the book with me. I dont just want lulz: I want their heads before me and the MFF staff that seeks to bring love and community in a loveless world.

I am heart and on my sleeve it will always remain.

It is my true strength that i saved MFF 2000. point blank. I am not crazy nor am I a troll.

This will be ut into formal edit for notification purposes and to show Im dead serious. No secrets. No hiding; just a fox and his social neck on the line in both communities all at once.

  1. youcantstopthesignal it is an idea and emotion called love, fueled by a dire need for justice. 19 of us could have died, even more. I will NOT LET THIS GO.

Furrysec Report[edit]

Devzero: Wikipage - Altered for review. Hopefully more to come.

No search results results on "" about this Furry, Anon alliance,... - Spirou 19:18, 23 August 2011 (EDT)