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Is the official name of the station “All Fur Radio” (with spaces) or “AllFurRadio”? --EarthFurst 23:21, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

Without spaces. -Side Dish

We could use a cross-check of this article. I have already corrected some errors known to me, but I'll check that the DJ list is current and accurate. Who know, this article may get some proper expansion one day. :D - Kashi Commodore, AFR-Furc

allfurradio has been put into a sleep for one year. it is still looking for qualified DJs and staff. as well as working in conjunction with its mother company allfurnetwork, which parents 2 other companies allfurmedia and allfurcon.

the owner has also expressed his intreast in current listeners and future listeners to join in on the rebirth of the station saying and i quote "what is AllFurRadio without the listeners it is something for you so it should be molded to what you like."

owner: markus damone contact

hang out location teamspeak 3 (( address is

additional staff and updates added as things progress

Tidyed up the recent additions by unknown user above: Grammar spelling check. I removed the references to the Teamspeak server as it merely served self advertsing. However, may I suggest pending a relaunch that the official website link is maintained for the duration. Articles on AllFurMedia/AllFurCon would be a welcome addtion too, perhaps. Kashicommodore 15:33, 17 November 2010 (UTC)