Tales of the Morphing Period

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SFA Spotlight #4: Tales of the Morphing Period

Tales of the Morphing Period is a one-shot comic book created by Richard Thatcher and published by Shanda Fantasy Arts under their SFA Spotlight banner in May 1999.


It is set in a world very close to our own time, where an unknown scientist nicknamed "Creator S" unleashes a virus which begins to change humans into anthropomorphic creatures. The "Morphing Period" is divided into two stages, the "Fast Morph" and the "Slow Morph". The stories are for the most part slice of life musings on how this affects the everyday person. Thatcher has charts and data in his books to answer questions and aid contributors.

As of June 2010, Thatcher has been working with artist & writer Steve Carter on the third installment of Morphing Period.

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