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Takemoto Arashi (traditionnal chinese : 竹本嵐, stylised Zhuben Lam) is a Taiwanese fur, and one of the most active artists in the Taiwanese furry fandom. While he studied in the United States and is fluent in English, most of his productions are in traditional Chinese.

He attends every[clarify] convention, often creating and selling furry merchandise (including mugs, fans, furry doujinshi (clean or adult), bags, and so on) under the trademark Play My Style Workshop.


Takemoto represents himself with a small chibi-stylized light brown dog called Takemoto (竹本 Zhuben). The same fursona also appears in adult works with a more anthropomorphic body, with a "hunkier" and more manly shape. In these cases, he is referred to as Otake (大竹 Dazhu).[1]

Takemoto also owns a red dog character called Rex.


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