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Dan beheads Chance at MFF 2006

Dan R. Hauschild aka Takaza J. Wolf (born 1976) is a native of northeastern Illinois. He first found furry fandom in 1995 through his interest in The Lion King. He joined TLKMUCK and FDCMuck soon after, and subsequently FurryMUCK and Furtoonia. On Furtoonia, he learned of ChiFur, a mailing list for furs in his area, and became active with the Chicago-area furry group, known today as the Lake Area Furry Friends. This led to his working with Robert King at Duckon 7 and 8 (1998-1999).

He was one of the creators of BaltoMUCK, a wizard there as Balto, and was part owner of foxfur.com where it was hosted.

Takaza has been a member of both the Board of Directors and staff of Midwest FurFest since its inception, serving as Hotel Liaison (2000, 2006 - 2009), Publications Director (2000 - 2003, 2006 - 2007), and Convention Chairman (2004 - 2005, 2010). He has also served as Newsletter Editor for Anthrocon (2003 - 2005), and assisting with Artists Alley since 2002. Additionally, he was Dealers Room Director at Mephit Furmeet in 2001.

Finding a close affinity to Border Collies while having to 'herd' MFF staff members, Takaza's fursona changed from a wolf back in 2003, though keeps Wolf as a last name.

Takaza and his partner, Duncan da Husky, live in Volo, Illinois, U.S.A.

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