Tails of Lanschilandia

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Tails of Lanschilandia
Author(s) Tammy Spahn
Update schedule Fridays[1]
Launch date 2012[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Adventure, humour
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Tails of Lanschilandia is a webcomic by Tammy Spahn. It details the (mis)adventures of Lanschi the duck and his friends (and relatives) as they stop the evil wizard Kakralomino from conquering Lanschilandia.[1] The setting is the planet Meha, a far away world populated by monsters and animal people that runs mainly on anachronisms and cartoon physics.


The characters in Tails of Lanschilandia are:[2]

  • Lanschilandians:
    • Lanschi Ani: The hero of the comic, Lanschi the duck may be clumsy and oftentimes rather dense, but he does all in his power to protect Lanschilandia. When he is "on the job", his courage and agility are unmatched.
    • Panschi Ani: Always the pessimist, Lanschi's cynical brother may not seem the nicest or most caring person to be around, but when his brother is in need of assistance, he can always be counted on.
    • Parsley Sage Rose Marian Thyme: Lanschi's girlfriend, Parsley may seem shy and reserved, but she is able to her to keep her cool even in difficult situations. Her knowledge is often indispensable, and she is ready to help anyone in need in any way she can.
    • Hayfa Belle: A cow living near the border of Alluvia, Hayfa's sole goal in life is to consume everything edible she can find and pack on the pounds. She is not the most heroic, but will do what she can to help, especially when food is involved.
  • Alluvians:
    • Kakralomino Kagnas Septurae: A powerful wizard and intergalactic overlord, Kakralomino is the ruler of Alluvia. Constantly plotting in his spire, he has his mind set on conquering Lanschilandia as well, if only to fulfil the stubborn desire to finally get the better of his arch-enemy, Lanschi.
    • Bastheus "Bad Bat" Arak: Kakralomino's most trusted flunky, Bad Bat is as loyal as he is oblivious. Following orders blindly, he is not only the one who carries out most of his master's plans, but also the one most likely to be blamed for their failure.
    • Lunara "Batty" Vyalin: Even though she is Bad Bat's girlfriend, Batty is only truly in love with one person: herself. Although not a minion of Kakralomino, she voluntarily supports his cause in order to show the world her greatness. (Or, at least, that is what she hopes to do.)
    • Dr. Aran Spid: A mutant spider, and Kakralomino's chief scientist of genetics and robotics. Dr. Spid is nature's worst enemy, performing cruel experiments on the local wildlife and constructing terrible machines that will help him to more power.


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