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Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con
Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con Logo
Status Ongoing
Charity Safari's Sanctuary
Subject Furry Conventions

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con (TTFC) styles itself "Oklahoma’s First Hotel Furry Convention".

Founded in September 2018 and held at the Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills[1][2] in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the convention is a not-for-profit organization, registered under 501(c)7.[citation needed]

Board of Directors[edit]

Officers and department leads[edit]

Guests of Honor[edit]

Themes and attendance[edit]

  • 2019: Taking Oklahoma by Storm[citation needed] - 507 attendees, 86 fursuiters (2019)[3]
  • 2020: RAWR-ing 20's[3]


The convention supports Safari's Sanctuary of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Funds raised
  • 2019: $7000[3]

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