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Tails Clock character

Tails Clock, also known as Tails Lock (real name Lynden Porter), is a furry fan, brony and Flash animator who lives in the United Kingdom.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Anthropomorphic Tails Clock character

Tails joined the furry fandom at the age of 14, becoming obsessed with it. Tails created the Newgrounds crew The Furry Fanatics.[citation needed] This crew was not actually a flash group per se, but rather a place for the furry members of the current Newgrounds crews to gather and not fear being banned. He eventually left the group.


Although Tails Clock the fox character is used by Lynden to represent himself they have completely different personalities; tails is used much more like a character than an online alias. Lynden also celebrates the 26th of July as Tails Clock's birthday as that was the day the account was first made.

The Tails Clock character was originally created by the Lock Legion member Clock Lock as an alternate Clock alias.[clarify][citation needed] Since leaving the crews however, he has changed the character to an anthropomorphic design that resembles a humanoid fox with white trousers and blue shoes.

Lynden's actual self-representation is a turquoise duck that is very rarely used.[2]


Tails is a former member of the Clock Crew and Lock Legion's Newgrounds Flash crews. He was banned from both of them for starting flame wars around the subject of furries. Most members in both crews dislike Tails because he is a furry, though some claim they hate furries because of Tails.[citation needed] Tails had been a member of the crews since 26 July 26, 2005.

Tails Clock's hobbies include:

Tails Clock's achievements include:

  • Starting up the TTA forum and the TTA spinoff; The TOME Knights, Ripping most TTA sprites.[clarify][citation needed]
  • Tails has had 15 movies and 4 collaborations protected on Newgrounds.com and has participated in every Lock and Clock day from 15 Aug 2005 to 2010
  • Made the Purist Vulpine translator for the comic Fuzzy Things.[clarify][citation needed]
  • Started a Guardian Heroes Mugen fullgame. Along with starting the Fighting is Magic Mugen conversion.


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