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as seen in the NG profile
Tails Clock (Made by Lynden Porter and also known as Tails Lock) is English, an asbergian, a fox and an EX-member of the Clock Crew and Lock Legion (which are both well known but popularly mocked groups at Newgrounds.com). He has been banned from both the Lock legion and Clock Crew countless times for starting flame wars, always around the subject of furries. Most members in both crews dislike Tails because he is a furry, though some claim they hate furries because of Tails.[1]

Tails has been a member of the crews since 26 Jul 2005. As for when he left them is debatable, though his last movie was on 16/08/10

Tails claims to be straight.[2]

Although Tails Clock is used by Lynden to represent himself they have completely different personalities, Tails is used much more like a character than an online alias. Lynden also celebrates the 26th of July as Tails Clock's birthday as that was the day the account was first made. Lynden's actual self-representation is a turquoise duck that is very rarely used.[3]

Tails Clock's hobbies include:

Tails Clock's achievements include:

  • Starting up the TTA forum and the TTA spinoff; The TOME Knights, Ripping most TTA sprites, and pissing off Kirbopher15. Then having his crew turn on him and kick him out.
  • As of 26 May 2009, Tails has had 15 movies and 4 collaborations protected on Newgrounds.com and has participated in every Lock and Clock day since 15 Aug 2005 to 2010
  • Made the Purist Vulpine translator for the comic Fuzzy Things, though it had a few errors that were fixed before it was posted on the site.
  • Made several M.U.G.E.N characters, though none are 100% complete. Started a Guardian Heroes Mugen fullgame. Along with starting the Fighting is Magic Mugen conversion.


[edit] History

Tails first joined the fandom when he was 12 after being told about a yiff gallery by a friend, though he lost interest not long after. When he was around 14 he properly became a furry. After looking through more furry stuff he became quite obsessed with anything furry, spending roughly 6 hours a day reading furry stories and viewing furry art. He was never interested in socializing with any furries though, since being creeped out at a furry forum where the members often used minor roleplay actions.[citation needed] He ended up trying to convert most of his schoolfriends into furries, read only furry stories and made his desktop wallpaper a questionable image of a furry. Furries were his life at this point, and he was also slowly getting into Flash animation. He ended up joining the Lock Legion and Clock Crew where furries were not tolerated well. One member, The Fox Clock was abused and banned for being a furry, so Tails stepped in to flame every single other member constantly until they realise their mistake. Naturally this resulted in fail. The crews both banned Tails and more flaming over MSN ensued. Eventaully Tails decided to start his own crew the Furry Fanatics. The crew was not actually a flash crew or a ripoff of any other crew, but rather a place for the furry members of the current crews to gather and not fear being banned. This and the ongoing flamewars created a lot of drama and several members that sided with Tails were banned too. After the crew fell apart Tails just hopped from one ripoff crew to the next. Eventually he matured and realised how stupid he was, and also how stupid the crews were. He left to go make Sonic sprite comics[4] and other such insignificant things. Then he made even more drama by creating a forum for Tv TOME Adventures (the sprite flash series from newgrounds). He also made his own wikia for it. For ages nothing came of it, until Dannydk6 joined and with the help of Brocky they revived the forum. Tails began ripping sprites and Danny wrote episode scripts and animated 3 episodes of a fan series the two had decided to do named The TOME Knights. The forum burst into life and many members joined. Kirbopher15 in the episode of Wha-chow, "Shannon Comes Out", said he was giving Tails Clock the job of doing season 4. It was a joke and Tails knew this, but decided to use this to get his own version of season 4 started. Kirbopher15 was spammed with links to the spinoff series and eventually posted his thoughts on it and season 4 at the TTA fan forum. He stated that he would let the fan series continue as well as all other TTA related things Tails Clock had made, but that he would never allow season 4 to be made. Tails Agreed to his terms and canceled his version of season 4. Eventually Angry Robot joined the team. He explained why the spinoff series was terrible and after getting several of the new members of the forum invovled too, a new and improved series was started. However, whereas the old series had 4 episodes out within a month, the new one has had over a year, but has only produced short test movies. Tails Clock hired a new admin, using the reason that the current admins were not enough for the bustling forum. For this the other admins turned on him and kicked him out, claiming they could do this on their own. Now knowing the pain that Kirbopher15 must have felt over having such bad fans, Tails Clock set off to do... Nothing really, for ages. Then he joined the Bronies, where he has tried doing the exact same things. A Mugenised game of ponies, just like he tried with TTA. A flash movie episode that never got made, just like with TTA. He even got banned from a Brony forum too. But for now he is laying low in the Brony RP scene, still accepted by them, for now...

[edit] Character Design

Art from The TOME Knights
  • The Tails Clock character was originally created by the Lock Legion member Clock Lock as an alternate Clock alias. After Tails Clock joined the Clock Crew, Clock Lock informed him that she had been the original Tails Clock. Afterwards, Tails Clock took to using the .fla created by Clock Lock. Later, after about 8 redesigns he settled on one JakLock had made by tracing. Because of that and other issues he currently uses one he made himself that is untraced and is Design #11.

Since leaving the crews however, he has changed to an anthropomorphic design that resembles a humanoid fox with white trousers and blue shoes. This version was meant to appear in both the TTA spinoff series and a MUGEN game, but has yet to be seen.

[edit] References

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  4. His solo comic Ligtning advenchures His collaborative comic DMN NUBZ

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