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The TSA-Bash ("Bash" for short) is an annual get-together, the expressed purpose of which is "goofing off", for members of the TSA-Talk mailing list. Strictly speaking, it is intended specifically for persons interested in physical transformations; but given the notably high percentage of transformation-fen who are also interested in furry, in practice the Bash is also a gathering of furs.

Unlike furry cons, the Bash doesn't have a "conference" type quality to it. Instead, the attendees just sit around and chat, play games, go out to eat, and sometimes model fursuits. While there is a chaotic quality, the Bash does have a couple of structured events, such as a group photo or outings to the city that they're close to.



Phil Geusz thought it might be "neat" to have a couple of people from the Transformation Story Archive mailing list to get-together at his house for some fun and goofing off. Instead of a couple, he got 19 people. It was promised that the get-together would happen again next year.


Since the 1998 get-together was such a success, more people showed up at Phil's house, this time attracting over 50 people. It became apparent, especially after his yard was full of tents and there was people sleeping on the floor everywhere in his house, that the get-together would have to be moved to a hotel. This began the tradition of the nomadic nature of the Bash. There were several reasons for the move to a hotel:

  • The number of people in the house caused a monumental trash pile and broke the air conditioning unit, requiring the use of many fans.
  • It took Phil over an hour and a half to get from one of the house to the other for an urgent matter.
  • Phil's house is only starting to recover, even in 2007.


The get-together became known as the "Bash" at this point and moved to Elgin, Illinois, where 37 people showed up.


The Bash is held in Hazelwood, Missouri. Attendee count: 28


The Bash is held in Sea-Tac, Washington. Attendee count: 32


The Bash is held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Attendee count: 25


The Bash is held in Austin, Texas. Attendee count: 17


The Bash is held in Sunnyvale, California. Attendee count: 15. This Bash is significant, furry-wise, in that it's where Quentin Long decided to start up the netzine Anthro as a result of conversations with Phil Geusz.


The Bash is held in Florence, Kentucky. Attendee count: 22


The Bash is held in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Attendee count: 27


The Bash is held in Oakland, California. Attendee count: 23


The Bash is held in Obetz, Ohio. Attendee count: 16

Mailing List[edit]

The discussions for the TSA-Bash can be had on the TSA-Bash mailing list.

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