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TLK Code is a code that in many ways resembles Furry code and Geek Code, but describes a fan of The Lion King.


The code was released in January 1997 by Trey McElveen. He had been working on it up to April 1998. It contained questions specific to TLK fans, such as being part of the First Church of Simba and activity on TLK-L (The Lion King mailing list), but most was copied from the Furry Code. This led to some confusion. For example, some fans think the "Transformation" section is about living in the world of The Lion King.

In May 2004 Athari took over the code. To make it up-to-date, the section related to the no longer existing First Chirch of Simba was removed, characters from new movies "The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride" and "The Lion King 1½" were added, etc. Along with updating the code he created TLKCoder (for Windows), a piece of software to encode and decode TLK Code, which later evolved into GeekCoder capable of encoding and decoding multiple codes, including TLK Code and Furry Code. Currently the most up-to-date code is supported only by GeekCoder.


TLKCode1.7: TLK++ A+ B- D++++ U+++ Gtjb+ L++ F+++/++ Me+~
Pn***/+~&sr**&cm&kvw/-@&i-&ox--~ W++~ S !T RLCT/HM a21
cnx++++ e+>++ h+ iwt++++ lmnrwz3eh p- !sm

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