THE BEAST (Visual Novel)

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THE BEAST[1] is an in-development role playing horror visual novel produced by GhostieSpectie[2].

Game's cover art.
Genre Horror, Visual Novel, Role-Playing
Developer GhostieSpectie
Ratings 18+
Language English
Platforms Android, Windows, Mac and Linux
Release Date May 13th, 2020


THE BEAST is a role-playing horror furry visual novel about a world filled by terrifying monsters named "The Corrupted", a demonic species that hungers for human flesh and blood. A company of Alchemia Corp, hired a special team called "BEAST Hunters" to hunt down and eliminate them. It was at this moment, Eric, a teenage boy who lives a smooth life without going out in a clean house, gradually learned that he is not a human...


  • Eric Aurelius: Main protagonist.
  • Blu: The Husky BEAST.
  • Fiona Aurelius: Eric's younger sister.
  • Daniella Aurelius: The mother of Eric and Fiona, the manager of Alchemia Corp, the chief of the BEAST Hunsters, and the alchemist.
  • Nick: The secretary of Daniella and the alchemist.
  • Ryu: The White Tiger BEAST.
  • Eve Philomele: Ryu's girlfriend.
  • Jacob: The Shiba-Inu BEAST.
  • Louis Eisler: Member of the BEAST Hunter.
  • David Gunnar: Leader of the BEAST Hunter.
  • Zarina Lemouri: Member of the BEAST Hunter.
  • Jake Lemouri: The older brother of Zarina, the former member of the BEAST Hunter, and the host/victim of Viridis.