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Syynx is a furry artist who lives in Redmond, Washington, USA.[1] His species is dog.[2]


The Prank[edit]

The Prank is a male/male incest adult furry comic by Syynx where a wolf takes revenge on his brother for playing a prank on him, with sex.

The comic was released in 2013 and has 11 pages (as of July, 2017).

Keeping Secrets[edit]

Keeping Secrets is a male/male adult furry comic by Syynx. The story follows Alexis, a cross-dressing canine and Nick, a gryphon who had sexual intercourse with Alexis in a mall changing room while mistaking him for a girl.

The first chapter of the comic is 13 pages long. In July 2014, the comic received enough donations for at least 23 more pages. As of July 2017, no more pages or chapters have been released.[3] In April 2015, 100 print versions of the comic were sold through InkedFur.[4]


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