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Syriel's fursona Timongeroose as drawn by WeaselGrease

Syriel (Josh Hamby), born June 30, 1986, is a furry artist and musician/artist from Greenville, South Carolina, USA. He is the musical creator behind his project Eternal Infamy. Syriel's fursona is a tiger, as evident from the amount of tiger-based imagery on his sites, guitars, and in his tattoos. He enjoys playing many different musical instruments including Guitar, Bass, Synth/Piano, and Drums. His music is spread between many genres such as - Industrial, Progressive, Folk, Chip, DnB, and Trance. He has been to Anthrocon 2007 (as Syriel), 2008 as (Regit CixelSyd) and 2009 as (Timongeroose).

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