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Synth, also known as Amee, Synth the Electrine, Syntheses and Amee the Fox, is a furry artist.
Synth's fursona


His fursona is a semi-electronic foxlike creature called Synth, but was previously a black and white 3-tailed kitsune named Amee.

His current fursona, Synth, is a black fox-like animal with a red wire, a blue wire, and a black wire making up his tail, a blue wire showing along his left foreleg/arm, and a red wire showing along the other. He also has a blue mohawk in both feral and anthro form, and blue eyes. His species is unknown, but he is often referred to as a fox due to his resemblance of the species, and has been confirmed to be based on a canid. Synth's lack of a species is often made the running joke in many conversations.


Amee half way through transformation

Amee was Synth's original fursona, beginning as a small blue and black folf, later evolving into a larger two-tailed kitsune in various shades of blue, then briefly into a black and white wolf, before becoming a 3-tailed kitsune bearing the same markings and coloring, along with silver guard hairs along hir back. Amee is androgynous, although many assume that Amee is female. Amee was Synth's fursona for around 3 years, before Synth grew out of hir and created Synth. Amee also has a second form, which is in reverse colors, with hir markings on the opposite sides, and red eyes. This form was once drawn with wings. Amee was once stolen briefly by a Deviantart user known as Venge-Shadow, who later also took Amee's other form, which she called Eclipse, and attempted to make one of Synth's other characters into an adoptable with inverted colors several months later.


  • Tokala - evil red and black 4-tailed kitsune with a mechanical tail, and red eyes. It is thought that Tokala was made as an original replacement for Amee, but Synth decided against using him.
  • Adrik - Adrik may have been another attempt to replace Amee, but this cannot be confirmed. He is a white domesticated silver fox, with gray and black markings and purple eyes. He is almost always drawn wearing a gray, purple and black striped scarf. He is usually portrayed as being shy and innocent, and usually plays the "damsel in distress" in pieces of art.
  • Mutt - Mutt never showed any signs of being intended to be used as a fursona, but instead appeared to be for a comic or story, which Synth later decided against making. He is a white crossbreed dog, with black markings, and heterochromia, one eye being green, and the other brown. He is almost always seen wearing a yellow ear tag with the number "333" on it. Mutt's design was attempted to be sold as an adoptable in reverse color by Deviantart user Venge-Shadow, several months after she attempted to steal Amee's design.
  • Deadfall - A white cat with black markings and blue eyes, of undetermined gender. He/she was originally created for Warrior cats RPs, but later became one of Synth's permanent characters.
  • Anca - A member of Synth's own closed species, Canis Volans. He is a blue merle variant of the species, with white spot markings on his hind legs, and bright blue display fur. He is shown not to be understandable to normal canids, and is often shown to speak in nonsensical small images.


Synth has created 3 original species during his time as an artist (4 counting Synth's species):

Gliding fox[edit]

Synth's own Gliding Fox character, Anca.

Gliding Foxes (Canis Volans) are a species of gliding canid, which is not actually related to the fox, but is given the name due to their large ears and bushy tail, which make them slightly resemble a fox. The species is a closed species, and can only be obtained through adoption or commission by Synth.


The Gliding Fox bears a pair of large "wings" on their forelegs, formed from thickly furred skin stretched over extended "thumb" bones. They have long, thin ears, with tufts of fur at the ends, and a bushy tail, which aids them in steering when gliding. Their fur can be a variety of colors, the most common being shades of brown, and they always have either white or black markings, which can be in almost any pattern imaginable. The males have brightly colored display fur on their tail tip, chest, and "wing" tip and underside, which can range from yellow to bright blue, depending on the amount of a fictional berry called Chameleon Berries they eat. The males are around the size of a small red fox, while females are usually slightly smaller.


Gliding Foxes live in deep rain forests, in a variety of areas. Their coloring and markings often reflect their environment. They live in large groups called "screeches", which are named after the sound they make when threatened. They are typically an omnivorous species, which feed off of fruit, insects, berries, and small mammals and birds.

They are very social, often staying within their group for their whole lives, and sharing their food with less able members of the screech. They usually den in abandoned nests in trees. The males usually fight over Chameleon Berries, which give their display fur its bright blue color, to attract females, but these fights rarely result in injury.

The Gliding Foxes are rivals and prey to the Tree-Runners.


Species sheet of the Tree-Runners.
Tree-Runners are the natural enemy and predator to the gliding foxes, but quickly became more popular when adoptable were released due to request. They are a species of bipedal tree-climbing lizard with nose and chin horns, and a large horn on the back of their head, which supports a brightly colored frill on the males. These change color through a spectrum of green through to red, using the same berries as the Canis Volans species, but when they are underripe or overripe, and show a bright red color instead of blue. It is this change of color which gives the berries their name.
An example male Tree-Runner.


Okati are an unusual species with a flat muzzle, deer-like body, long furred tail, antlers, and hand-like front paws. Their natural fur color is usually a plain color, but they regularly dye patterns on their fur as part of a social event.

Synth's species[edit]

Synth's fursona is of an undetermined species resembling a fox, with wires making up his tail and running along his forelegs, along with a brightly colored mohawk. Synth specified when creating his fursona that he is in fact a specific species, not a sparkledog. In the description of the first image of Synth on deviantart, it is said that Synth does not eat, but instead connects his tail(s) to a source of music to feed off of it. It is also joked about that Synth can electrocute things with his tail(s).

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