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Sydney Cougar (née Fisher) is a recom fisher, which is a large species of marten.


Sydney and her adopted brother Cairn Fisher (a caracal rather than a fisher) were created by the AGRI. Sydney is a pilot for Air Canada and is married to Ken Cougar. They have a daughter named Traci Cougar who is a cougar/fisher hybrid ("fishgar").


Sydney was created by Mark Merlino and is played as a character on FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK. She was the mascot for the ConFurence series of furry conventions and the Golden Sydney Award. She has been copiously illustrated by many artists, including David Bliss, Steve Martin, Ken Sample and (naturally) Mark Merlino, and has been sculpted by Ruben Avila.


  • "Who is Sydney?" a character history by Mark Merlino in the ConFurence 6 programme book (pp 4-5)
  • "I am Sydney!" a short story where Sydney recounts her own backstory, also by Merlino in the CF6 con book (pp 6-9)