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Syber at Anthrocon 2009

Syber, also known as Syber Wuff, is a fursuiter, artist, and costume-builder who lives in , Ontario, Canada.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Syber has been interested in anthropomorphics since 1999, and began drawing and creating anthropomorphic characters as a pastime; she became publicly active in the furry fandom early in 2007. Syber chose the name Syber' when she was nine years old. This was the name of her character at the time; a dragon/wolf hybrid.

Syber was a guest of honor at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012,[2] and a Community Guest of Honor at Further Confusion 2016.[3]

She is married to Spazz Fox since 2018. She moved to Canada in 2019 to be closer to her husband.


Syber's character is a female Coydog, an Australian Shepherd/Coyote hybrid. She could also be considered a sparkledog due to her bright coloring. She has a perky personality and loves offroading, attention, and Monster Energy drinks.


Syber has commissioned many versions of her character by different fursuit makers, which she sees as equivalent to getting commissioned artwork at a bigger scale. Eighteen have been made as of March 2017.[4]

Current fursuits:

Conventions attendance[edit]


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