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in Second Life

Swythe Quirksettle (also known as Swythe Armistice in Second Life) is an entrepreneur and artist who is mainly a fan of dragons and anthro-dragons. His scalsona is a snaggle-toothed dragon who has somehow, mysteriously, attracted cookies in orbit around his body. (He is thus also known as a Cookiedragon).

Swythe is currently working on a anthro-dragon story called "The Kingdom of Skol." The series is under development as two-part animated shorts, a demo of the project and then a comic strip all using Blender 3D. It will be published under his company Draconian Enterprises.

He also is producing a side-series of game prototypes titled "Selay in a Game", where his first anthro-dragon model "Selay Quirksettle" demos various game-play scripts in the Blender Game Engine. Selay in a Game series, is a forerunner to future video games.

Other Works[edit]

  • Swythe was the owner of Drachen, Amaru and Grand Junction (aka, Draconian Estates) in Second Life from 2007-20011, one of the popular locations on the grid for dragons at that time. Swythe eventually closed that down for other pursuits.
  • He was the original founder and builder of Ryder Isles, later sold off.
  • Owned Drachenstein, a short-lived dragon club in Second Life.
  • Before becoming active in the fandom, Swythe confounded lv2600, the Lehigh Valley chapter of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. He was the web admin for 4 years before successfully handing the group over to other members.
  • Currently Swythe is the elected CTO of Make Lehigh Valley, the local chapter of the Maker Magazine, he is planning to help design models for 3D Printing and manages Linux systems.
  • Swythe was also behind the creation of the dragon emotes macro's for Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. His code was originally a simple mod, later featured in game.

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