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Cleber Fernandes, also known as Swordsdragon (born May 24, 1981,[1] in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a furry artist.


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Swordsdragon's character is Lenin Grossekomodowaran. The anthropomorphic lizard, an albino Komodo dragon, is named after Vladimir Lenin, the leader of Russian Revolution of 1917 (despite being not actually related to his human namesake).

Lenin is a samurai-like warrior. He is the antithesis of superheroes like He-Man and Superman, actually being a ludicrously powerful supervillain.

Created in 1991, Lenin's layout was first inspired by Allo from Dinosaucers, subsequently being (increasingly) influenced by many supervillains from Japanese tokusatsu, as well as many other supervillains from anime series, not to mention many bosses from beat’em ups and many other games from early '90s onwards. One of Lenin's most famous inspirations was Freeza from Dragon Ball Z, whereas his very first model (clearly) mocked many of the Silver Saints from “Saint Seiya”.

In 2012, Lenin’s layout was ultimately upgraded to a samurai-like warrior. His iconic clothing is an ō-yoroi named El Garañon Macabro, which more resembles a lorica segmentata than actual samurai armor. Furthermore, his daisho is actually a pair of dotanuki and o-wakizashi swords, both with thicker blades than normal.

Being also proficient with firearms (military rifles, heavy weapons and high-tech guns), Lenin is famous to use a Smart Dragon assault rifle (or assault cannon) against his enemies.

Whereas the Smart Dragon type I is chambered for .50BMG (12.7x99mm) ammunition, type II is chambered for 20x102mm, type III is chambered for 25x137mm, and the Master Dragon is chambered for 30x173mm, in contrast to any conventional assault rifles.

All variants share the same bullpup design, in which the magazine is placed behind the trigger, firing 1000 rounds per minute in the primary function.

Furthermore, all models feature a follow lock-on mechanism, which is capable of tracking their targets (no matter how far they may stray from the crosshairs).

Many assault cannons are equipped with underbarrel grenade launchers (UGL) or underbarrel rocket launchers (URL).

Given the plotline bound to the game mechanics (entirely adapted from Reptilia Squad RPG), the albino Komodo dragon is made even more murderous due to the symptoms of SNK Boss Syndrome, MK Walker, etc., thus having the entire deck stacked in his favor.

Lenin is dreadfully cruel, truculent and destructive, likely to butcher anyone who disrespects the Reptilian Code of Honor. Furthermore, the albino Komodo dragon is notably disrespectful and (enormously) foul-mouthed towards his enemies. Despite being amoral, sadistic and bloodthirsty, the giant lizard follows an unbreakable code of honor, which is similar to the First Law of Robotics towards his brethren (reptilians, inhumans, reptiles and sympathizers); in addition, he is extremely respectful and friendly towards them, displaying care for anyone who follows the same code of honor.


Being buffed to Giant Mode (even for a limited interval of time), Lenin greatly increases his muscle mass (nonetheless without lowering his speed), becoming greatly engorged in contrast to his usual frame.

Thus the albino Komodo dragon becomes far more powerful than normal, nearly doubling his physical attributes.

Mega-Lenin's clothing (Bloodstained Bandages) consists of bandages wrapped around his body, arms, legs and most of the tail, as well as a basic loincloth (reminiscent of El Garañon Macabro). The clothing was clearly inspired by characters such as Makoto Shishio from "Rurouni Kenshin", as well as the Abominations from "F.E.A.R." and the mummy played by Christopher Lee (1922-2015), not to mention the nurses from "Silent Hill: Homecoming".

When dressing Bloodstained Bandages, the albino Komodo dragon moves in a (comically) disjointed manner, as if his articulations had been badly damaged.

Not surprisingly, the supervillain is made even more murderous due to his outwardly problematic movements, as the victims label him as a weakling and suffer the devastating consequences.


  • Lenin's surname is of German origin (whereas his first name is of Russian origin), and literally describes him as a big Komodo dragon.
  • As with Red Venom in “Marvel versus Capcom: Clash of Superheroes”, most of Lenin's moves leave a special afterimage effect.
  • His iconic sword (the dotanuki) is dubbed Drachenschwert in the games and related media.
  • When dressing the Bloodstained Bandages, Lenin’s blade becomes bloodstained like the bandages themselves.
  • Having been conceived as a supervillain, the albino Komodo dragon was visibly influenced by characters such as Freeza from “Dragon Ball Z”, as well as Super-Giluke from “Dengeki Sentai Changeman”, Scumocide from “Captain Commando” and many others.
  • The so-called Bloodstained Blade (Mega-Lenin’s dotanuki) is actually the Drachenschwert mostly covered in blood.
  • His finishing moves (noticeably) remind of certain techniques from “Hokuto no Ken”, namely Hokuto Shin Ken and Nanto Sei Ken, except for being performed because of the game mechanics.
  • The albino Komodo dragon is further influenced by (lots of) Chuck Norris jokes, mostly due to being a “MK Walker with SNK Boss Syndrome”, not to mention the entire deck stacked in his favor.
  • He’s known by aliases such as Garañon Macabro, Hero Killer, One-Hit Killer and (most frequently) Total Party Killer.
  • Lenin’s special move, named Zetsumetsuken (Annihilation Attack), is reminiscent of the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball universe.


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