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FatalSyndrome's fursona, Swift.

Seth Vermin (A.K.A. FatalSyndrome, born October 1, 1992) is a Californian cartoonist/furry artist. His fursona is a mangy, anthropomorphic demon hedgehog named Hunter.

He lives in Los Angeles, California and is attending college for an illustration degree.


Seth is known for his "grungy", angry artwork with very bold lines. A lot of his work is based in anger related emotions, and hyperactivity, although he does experience other moods to fuel him artistically at times.

Non Furry Artwork[edit]

Seth is cowriter of the soon to be released webcomic, The Danger Days, featuring an all human cast. As much as Seth heavily identifies with the furry community, he has other artistic interests to pursue and values variety.

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