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Supuhstar's current fursona, "Kyli Rouge"

Supuhstar, AKA Kyli Rouge (real name not to be disclosed), is a furry artist from the United States. Her fursona is a pangolin, with skin dyed blue from her phazon infusion, and silver scales.

She expresses her artisanship in several ways. Recently, though, she's drifted away from furry art and started to do 3D art.

In the Shoes of an Anthro[edit]

This is Supuhstar's first FurFic. The basic storyline is that the main character, Supuhstar's first fursona - a male blue husky, lives exactly 100 years in the future, where just over half of the world's population is anthropomorphic, and he is not. He is, however, furry, and wants to become an anthro husky. He is trying to accomplish this through a very complex, very expensive species-reassignment surgery that he can only afford because he won a lottery.

This never made it farther than a few pages into on the second book, into which more plot and story is introduced.

Ultimate Furry Surveys[edit]


Main article: Ultimate Furry Survey

What is arguably her most important contribution to the fandom is the Ultimate Furry Surveys. The first was made to see how much he, personally, could ask about furs.


Main article: Ultimate Furry Survey 2

The second was made after she realized that the first had far too few options for any fur to go the whole way through without typing in an "other" box, so she added more than twice the options than the first one had. Even though some furs still used "other" boxes, the number has gone down by enough that he has not needed to add more options since the survey started.

UFS 2011[edit]

Main article: Ultimate Furry Survey 2011

The third and latest UFS has been completely revamped, with a different look-and-feel, as well as splitting each question into its own page.


Digit Shine

As of 2010, Supuhstar has been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and has been doing business there under the name Digit Shine. For this fandom, Supuhstar has made the Ultimate Brony Survey 2012 instead of continuing the Furry version.

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