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Sunrise MUCK was an African-themed role-playing MUCK. It was created after the demise of African Tails MUCK, and has been revamped a number of times; the most recent change set the timeline a couple of centuries ahead of the last set of prides.


Sunrise MUCK was on port 1994 from June 2003 to September 2006. The website was at Sunrise MUCK went offline from September 2006 to February 2007[2], after which it was reopened on the address The MUCK went down again in July 2009 and on November 17 Maiza posted "4 months have passed since the last update regarding the status of SunRise Muck. I have had no contact with any of the other MU* admin - be them Staff or Wizards - in that time."[3]



Previous staff members[edit]

  • Yllan - Head Wizard
  • Afya - Wizard
  • Anubis - Wizard
  • Arazia - Staff
  • Elimnyama - Wizard
  • Kawe - Programmer
  • Kione - Staff
  • Maiza - Staff
  • Phrixus - Web Master
  • Potea - Staff
  • Shomoro - Wizard
  • Subiani - Wizard
  • Tajiri - Staff

Connections with other MUCKs[edit]

Many of the lion characters and history on Sunrise MUCK continue from events and bloodlines on the defunct African Tails MUCK.

Originally, Sunrise MUCK had no canon characters from The Lion King. In May of 2006, several Feature Characters were allowed to transfer from Endless Round MUCK following some issues with their portrayal there. However, they were treated as regular characters on Sunrise MUCK and the MUCK remains "a general African themed MUCK" focused on the "original characters and prides", rather than The Lion King-themed.[4]


A few players view some of Sunrise MUCK's old players as being cliquish and not welcoming of new players or players who are not as proficient at roleplaying as others.[5][6] The staff have acknowledged these criticisms and are attempting to make new players feel more welcome.[7]

There has also been some concern about staff copying group ideas from Endless Round MUCK without first consulting the material's creators (who had expressed interest on importing their work into the game themselves). Tilyn, who has a leader in the group, acknowledges that although she knew Endless Round had such a group and had "no hand in thinking it up by [herself]", her inspiration for recreating the group was a movie.[8] The group has since been removed from the official @groups listing on the MUCK due to its inactivity.


Past prides[edit]

  • Kivuli
Kivuli was the oldest pride on the MUCK and was founded by Ewali.
Generation 1 - King Ewali and Queen Nakita. Heiress Samawati.
Generation 2 - King Mguuyasiku and Queen Samawati. Heir Sodawi.
Generation 3 - King Sodawi and Queen Salinaka. Heiress Lyraiki.
Generation 4 - King Cairo and Queen Feleti. Heir Xian. (Lyraiki vanished, so rule went to Ewali's granddaughter, Feleti)
Generation 5 - King Xian and Queen Nyesha. Heir Malik/Heiress Saibh. (Malik tried to take over Kivuli early, but was overthrown by a coalition of knights under Camrath and eventually died. Camrath ruled as regent for a short period before Xian's return. Rule then went to Xian's daughter, Saibh, whose mother was Kieleaji)
Generation 6 - King Kiet and Queen Saibh. Heir Mizuka.
Generation 7 - King Mizuka.
  • Tyne
Tyne shares blood relations with Kivuli, as Ewali's grandson, Kiapo, founded Tyne (originally known as Tufani).
Generation 1 - King Kiapo and Queen Tisea (I). Heir Kausha/Heiress Kasama.
Generation 2 - King Binstari and Queen Kasama. Heir Makonnen.
Generation 3 - King Makonnen and Queen Yvonne. Heiress Tisea (II).
Generation 4 - King Fuadi and Queen Tisea (II). Heirs Aitan and Elimynama.
Generation 5 - Kings Elimnyama and Aitan. Queens Waset and Ukomobasi. Heirs Kale'Kizuka and Kamau.
  • Kimondo
Generation 1 - King Tau and Queen Kaia/Queen Kodolea.
Generation 2 - King Mauja and Queen Tafrija.
Generation 3 - King Nishati and Queen Shahila (I)/Queen Jasira. Heiress Sakitu.
Generation 4 - King Anubis and Queen Sakitu. Heir Sasa/Heir Demissle.
Generation 5 - King Demissle and Queen Neyadhi. Heir Kengee.
Demissle killed in attack by Kwasi Pride. Kimondo survivors flee to Kivuli for sanctuary, Kimondo pride disbanded.
  • Kwasi - King Sethos.
  • Mbaamwezi
Generation 1 - King Onyataa and Queen Tona.
Generation 2 - King Mviko.
Queen Zira. Heir Kovu. [Zira's pride shared no blood relation to the previous rulers.]
  • Pridelands (The Forgotten Lands) - King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. Heir Simba
  • Lesedi - King Arapmoi and Queen Nosizwe. Heir Neo.


Past groups[edit]

  • Asasabonsam African Wild Dog Pack - Alphas Razakal and Ouida
  • Amara African Wild Dog Pack - Founded by Aon and Mkaragazo
  • Jahanum Hyena Clan
  • Noctistellio Clan - Priestess Velaera and Grand Vizier Itzal
  • Sostrate Coalition - General Mdjai
  • Zuberi Cheetah Clan - King "Amir" Cashile


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