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Sunfire (born August 16, 1969)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Hopatcong, New Jersey caring for an elderly parent. He enjoys warm, sunny days, parks, forests, walking, fursuits and other costumes, watching movies, and having good times with great friends. He is a big fan of Disney World, Florida. He is happily mated to Duncan the Dog[1]

Sunfire's fursona is an anthro-lion with mystical powers and psychic abilities.[1] He has yellow eyes which accent his golden mane. When in danger or feeling overwhelmed, Sunfire transforms into Tempest, a lightsaber-wielding white tiger with emerald-green eyes and lime-green stripes.

Sunfire owns two fursuits, depicting his lion and tiger fursonas. Both were constructed by Darkstone Realms. His Sunfire fursuit debuted at Anthrocon 2002,[2] while his Tempest fursuit debuted at Anthrocon 2003.[3]


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