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Summer Jackel, also known as Summer Jackson[1] (born May 31, 1976),[2] is a furry artist who lives in Occidental, California, U.S.A.[2] She was a Guest of Honor at Morphicon 2007.

Summer's fursona is a jackal-leopard hybrid with a touch of coyote, unless she is depicted as a feral animal, in which case she is just a black-backed jackal.[3] Her ears are somewhat missing.


Summer works with traditional media. She had three images published in Fur Visions issue 8,[4] and her artwork appeared in Gallery issues 29, 30, 32, 34, 49, and 50. Summer also designed the Two of Clubs for the Wild Cats of the World deck of playing cards.

Since November, 2008,[5] she has been working on a comic entitled The Bone Shard, inspired by Victorian penny dreadfuls. As of September, 2012, the comic comes to 56 pages.[6]

Other activities[edit]

In addition to art, Summer's interests include writing poetry, photography, pedaling a bicycle trainer, meditating, surfing the internet, and listening to music.[3] She hikes a lot, and plays the violin (mostly Celtic fiddle music).

Summer is also a ballroom dancer and an attorney in the state of California.


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