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This article is about the furry who lives in Washington, USA. For the similarly-named Furlandia staff member, see Sumanitu Taka.
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Sumanitu Taka Nagi (born April 14, 1987),[1] known by most as simply Nagi, is a writer[2] and therian[3] who lives in Washington, USA.[1] His theriotype is a wolf.[3] As a therian Nagi is depicted exclusively as a four-legged feral wolf. The name Sumanitu Taka Nagi is derived from the Lakota language of the Native American people of the same name. "Sumanitu Taka Nagi" loosely translates to "Wolf Shadow", with "Sumanitu Taka" meaning "wolf" and "Nagi" meaning "Shadow".


Nagi's interests include discussion of politics, sociology, and religion. Outdoor activities that are of great interest to him include hiking, camping, wrestling, and taking long walks either alone, with other furs, or with dogs.[3]

One of Nagi's biggest hobbies is playing Magic: The Gathering competitively.


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