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SuburbanFox (born 1986), is a fursuiter who lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.[1]

He is a software developer, electronics and mechanical engineering hobbyist, webserver administrator (using cPanel/WHM on Linux) and amateur photographer (predominantly wildlife and nature, but also fursuit/furmeet photography).


SuburbanFox's fursona is a red fox called Syrrus.[2]

This character has had cameo roles (usually non-speaking) in several online comics, including Ginpu (as a background extra),[3] Precocious (as a TV newsreader),[4] and the "Darius" arc of the Cyantian Chronicles (in a speaking role as an unnamed technician aboard the dropship).[5]. These cameos are treated as "non-canon" for the character.


SuburbanFox's first fursuit, depicting Syrrus, was built by Apes, and debuted at the LondonFurs Meet of October 13, 2012.[6]

SuburbanFox also owns a snow leopard fursuit called Cosmo. This fursuit was built by Faruku and debuted at ConFuzzled 2013.[7]

Conventions and meets[edit]

SuburbanFox regularly attends the NorthernFurs Leeds meets and mini-meets. His first was the October 2011 Leeds Main Meet. He occasionally ventures further afield for other meets, and attended the June 2012 Sheffield Main Meet.

SuburbanFox attended ConFuzzled in 2012, 2013 and 2014. He also attended Eurofurence 20 and Midwest FurFest 2014.


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