Subject 9

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Subject 9
Author(s) Miles-DF
Update schedule Ended
Launch date 2012
End Date 2014
Genre science fiction, motion comics

Subject 9 is a motion comic by Miles-DF. It is about a group of strangers, each with a unique ability, who find themselves captured in a secret military lab. They must escape the lab and find out the true purpose of the studies conducted on them to save their city.


Rick is a young cat who is skilled in theft. He finds himself captured and locked in an underground facility by a group called EXA. They conduct horrible tests on their subjects. Eventually, Rick facilitates an escape with the other prisoners and they band together to find out more about EXA, and the potential dangers it poses to their city, Middletown.



  • Rick - A young male cat who serves as the main narrator of the comic. He spent most of his life stealing what he needs before being captured. Rick is surprisingly upbeat, and confident in escaping right from the start. After his escape Rick discovered that he has telekinetic powers that have assisted him in stealing all his life.
  • Tina - A female lynx with energy draining powers.
  • Bert - A male fox with super strength and combat skills.
  • Jess - A female cat that can make others follow her orders with her beauty.
  • Shado - A male jaguar who was trained as an assassin.
  • Hotty - A young squirrel boy with pyrokinesis powers. He has a twin brother, Coldy.
  • Coldy - A young squirrel boy with cryokinesis powers. He has a twin brother, Hotty.
  • Sebastian - A male mouse with psychic powers. He can predict events to come.


  • Peter Tornall - The head scientist of EXA. He oversees the experiments, but answers to General Westhause and President Caan.
  • Leonard - Sebastian's twin brother, also known as Subject 9. He has similar psychic powers, but are focused more on indoctrination and not foresight.
  • Blaze - An indoctrinated EXA subject with electrokinesis powers.
  • Grant - An indoctrinated EXA subject. He is a bull terrier who can turn his body into metal.
  • Dirk the Cutter - An indoctrinated EXA subject. He is a lemur who can teleport.
  • Trent - An indoctrinated EXA Subject. He is a desert lynx with the power to nullify energy, such as electricity or life forces.
  • Narmar Caan - The Jackal president of Middletown and head of the Jackal Clan. He created EXA.
  • Arthur Westhause - A general in charge of EXA operations.

Assassins' Guild[edit]

  • Master Mantek - An old dog and former member of the Assassins' Guild. He was Shado's former master.
  • Alvaro - The current head of the guild. He answers to President Caan.