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Author(s) Emily Chan (aka SilentReaper)
Update schedule irregular
Launch date August 22, 2008
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
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StupidFox is a webcomic written and illustrated by Emily Chan, who posts it on her deviantART gallery.


[edit] Characters

StupidFox and Raccoon

The comic depicts the activities of StupidFox, a cute but vacuous red fox. The gender of StupidFox is left unspecified, though by default "he" is usually referred to with male pronouns.[1]

A raccoon featured in the first comic, and has frequently appeared in subsequent strips. Later strips also saw regular appearances of a rabbit and a sparrow.

[edit] History

StupidFox originated as a small sketch of a cartoon fox in the corner of Emily’s high school notebook.[1] A remark from a classmate, who said the character was "stupid-looking" (or words to that effect), lead to the sketch being developed into a four-panel comic series. StupidFox uses a simplistic artistic style, to stress the theme of simplicity in a complicated world.

Merchandise of the series has been made available, including signed prints, badges, and plush toys.

[edit] References

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