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Strident Weasel (born 1984),[1] is a furry musician who currently resides in Kansas, USA.


Strident Weasel has long been involved in music, and he started playing piano at age 6. In 2005 he earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Kansas. In 2010 he became a member of American Mensa, and in 2012 he earned a Master of Regional and Community Planning from Kansas State University.

Fandon involvement[edit]

Strident has attended several furry conventions, including Anthrocon, Central Plains Fur Con, Furry Weekend Atlanta, and Midwest FurFest. He has a fursuit of his fursona, made by Kilcodo, which he wears at cons.


Strident is an anthropomorphic long-tailed weasel. His fur is mostly medium brown, but his chest and abdomen are covered with yellow fur, he has white glove markings on his forepaws, he has white cheek ruffs and a white stripe on his face, and his tail has a black tip.


Strident Weasel writes songs but doesn't categorize his music in any specific genre. His songs incorporate elements of indie rock, punk rock, ragtime, and classical. His lyrics range from serious to absurd. His work at the University of Kansas included writing the song Lost for the KU Men's Glee Club.[citation needed] He has performed in shows at local music venues in Kansas and Missouri.


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