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Streifi (formerly known as Greif) is a furry who lives in southern Berlin, Germany, with his partner, azurFox.


Streifi's character is a male gryphon who is half Siberian tiger and half Prairie Falcon. His feathering, which blurs into typically-patterned tiger fur at about the chest, is light gray-brown with slightly darker markings like a falcon's. As feral he has the typical bird claws and only the rear end comes with feline paws. As anthro all four paws are feline.

Activity inside the fandom[edit]

Until 2010, Streifi was only found online, except for some tiny private meetups. In 2010, he visited his first convention (Lakeside Furs) in Austria, where he worked voluntarily in the kitchen team. In 2011, he attended his first BerliCon. He was not able to be at Lakeside Furs in 2011 due to health issues.

Since 2012 he is a staff member of BerliCon, with his main activity being in the kitchen team.

Since 2014 he is also an active Eurofurence staff member where he works for the website, conbook and Dealers' Den team.

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