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Streaks' fursona as illustrated by Ruaidri.

Streaks (also known as StreaksSkunk) is a fursuiter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her fursona is a hermaphrodite striped skunk with unique, defining white and blue markings and blue hair.


Streaks' fursona taken by AirGuiTaR at the lighthouse in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Streaks' involvment with the furry fandom began in 1999. She remained a quiet observer until becoming more involved with the community in 2001. Staying a fan, and a collector of art, she could be found hanging around on IRC and Second Life under the name Streaks Moskalev.

Beginning in 2007, Streaks pursued an education in commercial photography, attending the Nova Scotia Community College. She often posted images in her Fur Affinity gallery (since changed to a commissioned artwork gallery). Successfully completing and graduating from her discipline in June 2010, she works for herself, and occasionally for live events/concerts.

Streaks got her first partial fursuit in March, 2011, and often attends fursuit outings with the local group of furs in Halifax.


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