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StratosFur (edit)
StratosFur 2021
StratosFur 2022

StratosFur staff
StratosFur guests of honor

StratosFur 2022 was the second annual StratosFur convention. It was held over June 10-12, 2022,[1] with 798 attendees at the Hyatt Regency Houston International Airport Hotel.

The convention's theme was "Cruisin’ the Milky Way", encompassing the 1950s era motif. The guest of honor was [2]GoldenDruid (artist). The fursuit parade had 173 suiters participate in a short path around the main convention floor.

$1,139.23 was raised for the convention charity, Give Us Paws.


  • This year StratosFur expanded from a 2-day convention to a 3-day convention.
  • This was the first year StratosFur had a fursuit parade and dance competition.


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