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These are the original proposed book-cover Synopses and story lines for the books in the Trinton Chronicles series:

Original Trilogy[edit]

New Genesis[edit]

"When a boy from 84 years ago, a messiah on a mission, an enemy from beyond time, and a group of ill fated and ill prepared people get together... Tan'arn is in for a sheer shock...based on the original short stories of Dan Hopkins... this new novel adds a new chapter to the plights of Tan'arn.. the anthropomorphic world... where furries rule and humans are nonexistent."


Dan the messiah of magic is awakened from a state of suspended animation in the year 2088. Along with coping with the changes associated with life in the future it is revealed that the company that originally captured and studied him is behind a plot for world domination.

White Death[edit]

"A big power hungry necromancer wannabe finds the fabled Book of the Dead (Necronomicon) and throws Death off her throne to take over the city then the world, only the recently discovered 'heroes' of Trinton are up to the challenge of stopping the dead from rising in this exciting sequel to Trinton Chronicles: New Genesis!"


Nathaniel Black steals the Necronomicon and unseals the dead realm, raising zombies to do his bidding. Most of the original characters from New Genesis return along side a few new ones when a sudden snow storm blankets the city. A shock wave ripples through the city brining it to its knees and raising an army of walking corpses. In contrast to the first book Nathaniel did not just want to take over the world he had his sights set upon two realms and in order to do this had to overthrow death herself. The original head of this arch left half way through and it was completed by another member resulting in a noticeable change in tone. As a result of this the story has been heavily edited and some parts of the story barley resemble the original.

Xanith's Reign[edit]

"An angel who was banished thousands of years ago wants to come back and take over the city then the world...and he hopes to become a god in the process by finding his lost prodigy... meanwhile his three cohorts run lose in the city attempting to cause enough of a commotion to weed out their true victim. This is the third installment of the Trinton Chornicles series!"


Xanith escapes from the Abyss and starts causing trouble to lure out his heir in order to absorb his power and become a god. Only the heroes of Trinton, once they work together, can over come this newest threat.

Spin Offs[edit]

Forgotten World of Eternity[edit]

"When an alien visitor from a far away galaxy comes to find his long lost bride, he meets with little resistance with the planet. Sadly he didn't count on his long lost bride being an high powered goddess..."


Silverstone, an alien wolf from another world, comes to Tan'arn to locate his missing bride from 5000 years ago, he discovers the small planet Tan'arn radiates the same aura as his bride did and decides to take it over. After a year of his take over and no action from anyone, the previous heroes to finally stand up and fight. They band together against the strange invaders and stop the tyranny!

Sealed Fate[edit]

"Following the end of the odd dream, everything in Trinton is at peace, aside from the mysterious null magic/psionic zones in the city and sudden uncontrollable bursts of energy from different spots in the city....a mysterious count down to disaster has begun and the end of all might be near. Especially thanks to a wish made by Darwin to a Djinn...."


Narien, an angry powerless outcast, unleashes the curse of a clock that steals and seals all the magic, psionic, and super natural powers in Trinton. But just when she is about to get her way, a random wish usurps her as main villain and puts Lady Una on top in order to destroy all who oppose her vision of utopia!

City Under Fire![edit]

"It's been 6 years since all the strangeness in Trinton, in those six years many things have changed including the heroes, and with them a new generation has been born. Now a new threat has arrived in the city to take those special children away from their special parents and plan a world of domination and control....only some of these parents aren't so willing to lose."


Six years have passed since reality was reset by Darwin's wish, Naruian never happened and Lady Una doesn't exist anymore. But in those six long and peaceful years everyone else has changed. Dan and Sabella have had a daughter, Alison, and Darwin was killed in action while defending the city. Jay and Isis have been reunited and Rychyld has ascended to a true angel status and Sakura recently become Empress of Japan. Everything seems right in the world...until Teria, an air pirate with a fleet of ships storms into town to kidnap children and brian wash them to becoming her super-slave army to take over America. Only the heroes of Trinton, both old and new, can hope to save their future and the future of the country!

Story Reboot[edit]

  • In 2007 the story under went a major re-write due to new views on it and while some members returned some stayed out of it. Thus started the New TC story line which became much more accepted*

Fae Maze[edit]




Hallow's Eve[edit]


Righteous Termination[edit]

Trinton Mythos[edit]

Every story has a mythos, or things that make up a common law of the way things work in the fantasy world like Star Wars and Transformers which both have recognizable or well remembered places, people, and things.


Onyx Obelisk - A black obelisk in the upper-north east side of the city, it is made of something similar to onyx but more metallic in nature. The mysterious building houses both an extremely large complex inside versus it's smaller appearing outside, which may have once been a temple, and a ton of secrets. The building is in a pit and stands 90 feet from bottom of the pit to the tip of it's structure and is 45 feet on all four sides; A park was built around the obelisk and many people visit it daily. The Obelisk has been in nearly every story and has played a major role on more then one occasion.

Great Cathedral - A large universal church built on the end of Grail Street, it has over 200 stained glass windows all depicting various gods, goddess, and religious symbols. It stands almost as large as Notre Dame but on a much less grand scale. This Gothic style church appeared only twice, once in New Genesis and again in White Death.

Freedom Park - A huge natural reserve which also features a huge inland lake which is half the size of the park. It has camp grounds, private land for cabins, and hunting & fishing store near the camp ground. This park has seldom been seen but mentioned often, its appeared in nearly all stories.

Grail Street - The third longest street in Trinton, it has been the scene of at least two major battles. The street is lined from head to with apartments, condos, and high rise housing.Although mentioned often, it doesn't play an specific role in any of the stories.

Mystical Diner - A magically enhanced diner that is covered in enchantments including ones that predict orders before the customer makes them, levitating on demand food running, and self-cleaning tables and dishes. The diner's magic was infused in it back in the early days of the city and has yet to need renewal.The diner plays two roles, in the old story it is where Micheal and Dawn first have dinner together. In the new story the place is where Jay and Sabella have their first breakfast together.


Heaven's Key - A magical key with the ability to open any lock, Lady Dawn cherished and hid this item.

Fallen Angel Ocarina - a strange wind instrument with unknown powers, it appears to actually be Xanith's wings and power in disguise however.

Hell's Fury Guitar - a powerful and dark instrument which can open up dimensional gates and create balls of flame and seal off different places. It is actually one Xanith's wings in disguise.

Black Onyx Wolf-head necklace - a mystical seal which prevented Solan's powers from being unleashed. Towards the end of the original series the necklace is cracked and turns a little bit whiter by each day thus unsealing Solan's powers day by day.