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Stormi Folf

Stormi Folf, also referred to as Stormi the Folf or simply as Stormi, is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Mississippi, USA.[1]


Stormi's fursona is a blue and white folf. (A hybrid between a wolf and a fox). The primary color of his design is bright blue. He features green highlights via his paws, tongue, and the transfer between the blue and white fur on his legs. His hair is black, as is the trim of his ears. A defining feature of Stormi the Folf's design is the darker blue spirals across his face. Stormi received his fursuit in May 2017, which he showed off in his first published YouTube video.[2] His fursuit was made by Splinter Fox Productions. In May 2020, Stormi revealed his second fursuit, which was made by Thunderhowl Studios.[3]


Stormi the Folf launched his YouTube channel in May 2017 when he received his first, and current, fursuit. His first video published on May 21, 2017, was a recording of him wearing his fursuit for the first time.[2]

Like a lot of furry YouTubers, Stormi the Folf mainly makes content of an informative nature to the furry fandom. His most viewed video, published on the 8th of September 2018, is on the topic of: "FURSONAS: Unique and Uncommon types!" with over 222,500 views as of May 2020.[4]

Stormi's YouTube channel has 68,000 subscribers and over 3,200,000 views as of May 2020.[5] Stormi also maintains an active Twitter presence with over 27,000 followers as of May 2020.[6]


Stormi was the Guest of Honor at Emerald's Fur Summit 2018, held in Pensacola, Florida, USA. Stormi was also one of the Guests of Honor at Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con 2019.[7]



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