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Stone Paws was a role-playing site originally based on The Sight and Fell by David Clement-Davies. The site was based on four wolf packs, and did not require players to have read the books, but just to have a simple knowledge of wolves. As of February 2012, the forum has been taken off of ProBoard.

Map by Fellack


It started to function in July 2009 and has had 21 members as of September 2009. In the winter of December 2009, the founder and admin, Snowflame, along with the admin and skin editor, Talar, had a fight on the admin thread in which had almost ended the site. The admin Talar had quit soon after because Snowflame claimed every thing was hers. Then Snowflame closed down the sister site "Destiny of the Wolf Howl" and put Stone Paws in maintenance mode. During maintenance, the founder snowflame mentioned that she will remove the Volkov map to make a new one. While everything was being changed, a fight in the c-box occurred in which many were angry about the leave of Talar. It eventually led to the quitting of Gunner, the site moderator. Then a new person approached the c-box of the site and was introduced as Mara "The Hacker" who threatened to troll the site until the admin, Shadow, and Greyfang came and chatted with the hacker before things got bad. Eventually, Greyfang revealed that he was on Talar's side and and "slagged" off Snowflame, in which he was banned for. After that, the whole Volkov pack users were gone from Stone Paws. Then another admin, Fellack found the thread in which Talar was mad and quit soon after. Later the new site was finished and soon new others joined but there was still interference with the lost ones. Greyfang soon came back and with a friend labeled "Mercy" and began spamming the site in which Greyfang preferred as, "Revenge for Destinati". Snowflame was also attacked on Facebook and Youtube. Soon after, Snowflame banned the IP's of the "interference"

Current Plot[edit]

Stone paws banner

From Stone Paws header

Four wolf packs on the verge of war. Ochoa, the fierce and sadistic pack led by Drappa Shadow, Druid, a mysterious and devoting pack led by Drappa Snowflame, Golden Mist, a proud and bold pack led by Dragga Fellack, and Volkov, the misunderstood and noble pack led by Drappa Talar. These four wolves have changed the lives of the wolves living in this land. Who will come out victorious? Whose destiny will be sealed in the cold hands of death?

Designing the web-site[edit]

The original Stone Paws skin was designed by Snowflame. Talar designed a test skin, which came along with her banner, used on both skins. The original skin is a rustic texture, with greens and browns. However, Talar's skin is much different, with the main colour being blue. Guests and new members will have this test skin as their background. Talar designed the skins for Volkov and Druid. Shadow designed Ochoa's skin. Ochoa, Volkov and Druid all have music boxes, with chosen music from each of the drappas. All of the packs have a cbox, to communicate with other pack members and the other alphas. The main page has a cbox for everybody to use.

Snowflame recently put in four side boxes with information for guests and members alike. There is links to the advertising board, the rules, the competitions board, and the character creation board. There is also the latest Member of the Month results, held before the chosen month, and also the basic plot for the site, and any updates it may have. There is also links to the main boards of the four packs.

Most of the boards were created by Snowflame in May, with added boards by Fellack, Shadow and Talar. The latest board, created by Talar, is Spirit rock, where wolves can go and communicate with the dead. There are plenty of places to Role-play. The original boards by Snowflame were The moorland, the secluded valley, the vast forest, competitions, poetry, art, and the pack boards. The general boards, excluding vacation board, were also created by Snowflame.

The four packs were named by Snowflame.


Main article: List of packs in Stone Paws

Plot posts[edit]

Currently, the alphas are attending post war meetings, the first one held in the druid land, by Druid lake. It was called, "Magic in the air", and lasted for three pages. The topics covered became quite heated between the four founders, and they decided on whom to ally with. Fellack arrived later, so the females had a discussion before hand. Talar announced that Druid is to be her neutral, which Snowflame agreed to. Shadow announced that Golden Mist and Druid were enemies, and wanted Volkov to be neutral. Talar didn't want to be neutral, though. Snowflame first introduced her bird helper, Callinus, during a post. She announced that Golden Mist were her allies, and Ochoa her enemy. Fellack arrives, and asks Snowflame why there must be a war. Talar says that she will hold the next meeting in the great plains. Fellack argues with Shadow.Talar says that Volkov has been suffering from drought, and Snowflame says there is a shortage of food. The meeting soon ends.

The next meeting, held in the great plains of Volkov, was entitled, "The Great Feud". Talar and Snowflame are first at the meeting, by a gathering of four rocks, representing each pack. The land is parched from little rain. Fellack arrives next. Snowflame is near starving, and tired. Shadow soon arrives. Talar announces that her pack is open to male and females, and says that her pack needs more land, due to the drought. Snowflame admits that the herla are scarce in her land, and that she must extend her lands. Talar gives Snowflame some food, which she accepts. Shadow says she will host the next pack meet. Fellack offers his help to Snowflame. The meeting ends soon afterwards.

The next meeting, recently opened, is in the Ochoa lands, entitled, "Monthly meeting".


Member of the Month (MOTM) is held before the chosen month. The winner for all of the MOTM has been Gunner. Rules for MOTM are available in the competitions board. Wolf pack awards of the year are held during September/October. People must chose a pack which they are NOT in.

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