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Author(s) Programmer: Jurann
UI designer: Kamyla
Status Private alpha
Launch date 2012?
Genre Furry art browsing
A background image from the website, cropped the for the sake of PG.

StickyPaws is an in-development furry art browsing site, described by its programmer Jurann as "like Google Images, E621 and Hot Or Not had a sensual encounter resulting in a three-way lovechild".[1]

StickyPaws indexes and provides thumbnails for art, but does not host it.[2]

As of October 2012, indexing interfaces had been implemented for Fur Affinity, Inkbunny, SoFurry and the VCL, with support for Weasyl planned.[3] In mid-2012 it had "about 20 people" testing it.[2]


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