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Yorick Software Logo

Steve Arlow (full name Steven Edward Arlow, born June 23, 1967, died February 18, 2000)[1] was a furry fan and owner of Yorick Software[2] in Farmington, MI U.S.A. Steve Arlow died at the age of 32. He is buried in Adat Shalom Memorial Park, in Livonia MI.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He was a capable programmer and system administrator, and an active participant in the Ann Arbor area sci-fi/furry community, as well as USENET furry groups.[3]


Steve was an enthusiast of origami, and was able to make many complex designs from memory. Among his favorites were wolves, flying squirrels, dragons, cats, and rabbits.

He liked Shakespeare, and used Yorick (the dead jester from Hamlet) as his email alias and company name. His company logo was a jawless skull wearing a jester's cap.

He was also a vocal proponent of free speech and privacy, going so far as to offer free classes, "pro bono publico service", in how to use PGP encryption.


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