Stephan Peregrine

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Stephan Peregrine
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Born October 17, 1949
Date of death July 10, 1997
Profession or hobby Illustrator, writer
Character species N/A
Furrlough #1's cover art by Stephan Peregrine
Furrlough #51's cover art by Stephan Peregrine

Stephan Peregrine (born October 17, 1949 - died July 10, 1997), was a proffesional illustrator, furry artist and writer.


Stephan Peregrine was a game artist who provided illustrations for Iron Crown Enterprises, GURPS, Flying Buffalo, TSR, Inc., Steve Jackson Games, Hero Games, and Tunnels & Trolls.

He also illustrated the Bazaar of the Bizarre, a collection of fantasy short stories by Fritz Leiber.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Stephan's artwork appeared on the covers of numerous furry publications throughout the 1990s, including the cover for the first issue of the furry anthology known as Furrlough.[1]


Peregrine's furry work have appeared in:[2]

  • Genus #16 - Penciller
  • Hit the Beach #2
  • Hit the Beach #5
  • Furrlough #1 Cover
  • Furrlough #6 Cover
  • Furrlough #13 - Writer
  • Furrlough #17 - Writer/letterer
  • Furrlough #21 - Penciller
  • Furrlough #23 - 3rd anniversary issue, writer
  • Furrlough #36 Cover
  • Furrlough #38
  • Furrlough #39
  • Furrlough #45 Cover
  • Furrlough #51 - The final issue published by Antarctic Press, cover


A post to from Radio Comix's Elin Winkler in September 1997 states his cause of death as a heart attack.[3] A tribute to Peregrine showing his work can be found on the back cover of Furrlough #59.


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