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Stellarity, also known as Stella or Avoyt (born June 9, 1995), is a male animator, programmer and artist. He works as a motion graphics animator for broadcast television,[1] but he enjoys drawing, animating, and designing video games on his own time.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Stella dedicates a lot of his free time to the fandom, mostly by attending furry conventions and meetups, commissioning and supporting artists, as well as participating in the general online community.


Stellarity, art by Idefix.
  • Stellarity - Stella is mostly known as his primary self-named fursona, Stellarity, who is a Poochyena from the Pokémon series. She is grey, but the fur on her face, paws, and belly is black and appears shorter. Her tail, back, and neck are very fluffy, and the longer fur on her legs stop just short of her paws. Stellarity has two large tusks on her bottom jaw that juts from each side of her mouth. Her eyes are yellow and often portrayed with eyelashes; this and her smooth, rounded features make her appear feminine. Unlike the original Pokémon, Stellarity's techniques revolve around both the Dark type and the Electric-type. The character stands fifteen inches (38 cm) to the shoulder and weighs 24.7 pounds (11.2 kg).[2]
Stellarity was created between April and May of 2018 as Stella's Pokésona,[3] intended to be his second fursona, next to his self-named wolf fursona. However, Stella has since almost exclusively used Stellarity as his fursona, commissioning considerably more art of her than of his previous wolf fursona.
Stellarity is occasionally recognized within the vore community. This is due in part to Stella's frequent involvement within the community and in part to a large amount of vore-related art he has commissioned and created including this character. Most of this art also involves an Arcanine character, usually holding Stellarity inside of its mouth.
  • Avoyt - Stella's other fursona is a grey and white wolf with long, thin oryx horns protruding from his forehead. His eyes are orange, as is the triangular marking beneath his left eye. The wolf is often seen wearing a plaid brown scarf, based on a scarf Stella has in-person, and occasionally a blue and brown canvas bag that fit his body. He stands about two feet (62 cm) to the shoulder and weighs 108 pounds (49kg).[4]
Stella made his wolf fursona before Stellarity, though it is unknown exactly when.


In addition to his fursonas, Stella has also designed several characters for use in his personal stories or imaginary worlds. Of these include a marble fox named Talia, a red fox named Naomi, and a wolf named Villo.


At conventions and meetups, Stella wears a partial fursuit of a colorful border collie named Pastel. He purchased the fursuit as a premade from its maker, ShortStack at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2018; Stella has since commissioned additional parts not initially included.

Convention attendance[edit]

Plush collecting[edit]

Stella is a dedicated fan of the Pokémon franchise and an avid collector of plush toys. Stella has accumulated over 200 plushies through his life. Over 90% of his collection consists of canid plush toys: wolves, foxes, and dogs. They range in size from several inches to several feet, with his largest plush, a light grey husky, measuring at almost ten feet long from nose to tail.

Art and media[edit]

Stella is a professionally trained animator and programmer who enjoys developing indie video games.[5] Since November of 2018, Stella has worked mostly in a "virtual fantasy video game console" called PICO-8, creating 8-bit style games and animations.

Additionally, Stella enjoys animating on his own, both in 2D and 3D. He usually chooses animal subjects to animate. His sketching style is relatively amateur, with his fur appearing somewhat spiky. Stella's animations are usually fast-paced and graphical. Ears on animal characters flop a lot when in motion.


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