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Stellar Convergence MUCK (SCM) was a MUCK that ran from 1998 to 2005. It was originally known as FurrySpaceMUCK. A former FurryMUCK wizard, Slipstream, had created the area known as FurrySpace. Another wizard, Points, joined the effort. Eventually, the needs of the roleplaying area exceeded the framework of FurryMUCK. Slipstream, Points, and a handful of others started Stellar Convergence to expand on the concept, and provide a better framework for space-based roleplaying.

Due to lack of time on the part of the administrators in addition to a dwindling player base, Slipstream made the decision to close Stellar Convergence. The MUCK was officially shut down on December 28, 2005.

Previously (Defunct)
  • Ran from/to: October 18, 1998 - December 28, 2005



  • Slipstream - Zen
  • Himura - Head RP Wizard / Sanity Checker / Golf Fu
  • Points - Site Admin and Bad Guy Wiz
  • Valenth - Building/Shuttles/ICMail/Demonkittens
  • Koudrin - Asst. TP, RP, Chargen Wiz & The Future
  • Balthazar - Asst. TP, RP, Chargen Wiz & The Future
  • Briareos - Asst. RP, TP & Chargen Wiz / Resident Freakazoid



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