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Subject Steampunk
Server, port 3723
Status Closed
Ran from/to May 1st, 2007 - December 4th, 2008

Steamcraft was "a steampunk-themed MUCK that allows players to create both human and beastkin characters."[1] Players roleplay the inhabitants of the Ironwall and the surrounding areas.

The game opened on May 1st, 2007,[1] and closed on December 4th, 2008.[2]


It is a low-magic setting, where science and technology are lauded and sorcery is outlawed. The mythic age left lasting marks on the fabric of reality, and these fractures may be encountered in the world.

Players may choose to play the part of any of Ironwall's people, from the lords and nobles to the peasants and thieves. Only two character professions are restricted and require special permission from staff: Sorcerers and members of the Guild of Magi.


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