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Starbound Hunter (born July 5, 1992)[1] is an artist who lives in Seymour, Tennessee, USA.[2] They have been in the furry fandom since they were sixteen. They go by the names Star, or Ash when met in person, and were previously known as Sketching Tigress and Wrathling.

Starbound is gender-neutral, preferring they/them pronounds. They only date females.

They take commissions, and draw anthros, humans, and anything else someone might ask for. They attend conventions in the southern United States when possible.


Starbound Hunter's fursona is a shark.

Their original fursona was a tiger named Asa Briggs, but Asa has become her own person[clarify] and they no longer feel comfortable being this character.


They like to travel, and love to drive to most of the places they go, believing that half of the adventure is getting there. They love to draw, and the piano is another one of their talents; they have played since they were ten.


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