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Star Wars is the name of a science fiction franchise, started in 1977 with the release of the first of the twelve Star Wars films — Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope by George Lucas. It is currently controlled by Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL), founded by George Lucas, which determines the canonicity of all licensed Star Wars media.


Star Wars is set in a unknown galaxy roughly modeled after the Milky Way, only known as the "Star Wars galaxy" or the "galaxy far, far away". The six films cover a relatively short 36-year period of galactic history (32 BBY to 4 ABY, where BBY and ABY stand for "before/after the Battle of Yavin" (which can be interpreted as "before/after the events of Episode IV). In comparison, the Expanded Universe, which consists of all Star Wars media except the films, covers more than five millennia, the earliest story in the in-universe chronogy taking place in circa 5,000 BBY (Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith) and the latest in circa 137 ABY (Star Wars: Legacy).

Despite the artificial separation of the films and the Expanded Universe, all Star Wars stories, regardless of the media (films, books, comics, games, cartoons, toys, and others), are parts of the same shared continuity, except for material explicitly deemed non-canon by Lucasfilm.

Star Wars and furry[edit]

An Amaran trader

In an unlikely event of parallel evolution, humans (apparently identical to those of Earth, although generally believed to have originated on the galactic capital of Coruscant) and near-human species coexist with a wide variety of species: humanoid (most common), aquatic, arachnoid, avian, botanical, equine, feline, insectoid, mineral-based, reptilian, rodentine, and others. There are over 1,200 known species, although the majority of them are only briefly mentioned and have no known visual depiction. This entry concentrates on known "furry-like" characters and/or species.


While the Wookiees and Ewoks are arguably the most well-known furry-like species in Star Wars (and among the most well-known Star Wars species whatsoever), there are many more species that can be classified as of "furry interest". More than 50 of them have visual depictions, many of them falling into the feline, equine, and rodent categories. These include:

Did you know? Amara is the name of the Amaran species' homeworld. The vulpine Amarans were designed based on some preliminary sketches by professional/Star Wars/furry artist, Robin Pronovost (artyewok)

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