Stalker (Extinctioners)

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Stalker (Ethan Stalworth) is a character in Extinctioners, and made his first appearance in issue 13.

Stalker & Lynx Wylde
Ethan Stalworth

Ethan Stalworth wasn't hired to be part of the initial Keeper team for any type of scientific background. Pure and simply he is a hunter. His is a trained field tracker and killer and he enjoys his job, a lot.

While many high tech weapons are at his finger tips, he prefers using low-tech hunting tools to capture his prey. Particularly knives and long range rifles. Many of his fellow Hunters believe he is crazy, a reputations well earned, and it's no wonder he was partnered up with the humanimal Tracker, Lynx Wylde, because both have personalities that compliment one another.

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