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Stain (A.K.A. Wolfish, StainMcGorver, etc.) was born in June 5 of 1996. He is a furry from Utah, and mainly creates novels, but sometimes draws pen-and-ink doodles. He is also a level editor for Unreal Editor 2 and 3, and is planning on entering the occupation of game design.


Stain typically uses his fursona's name, Chris O' Harris, for virtually everything on the internet. Whether it be for games, blogs, or forums. He is an Eastern Timber Wolf, and his age ranges anywhere from 13-24, depending on what he is being used in.

He was born on June 18, 2000, and on September 25, 2017, he was shot and in critical condition for several days involving a car inherited from his father. He managed to find his bloody shirt, and now wears it occasionally, hence his nickname, 'Stain.' His arsenal consists of a silenced Steyr AUG A3, Glock 18 9mm, and a Spec Force Marine Raider Bowie knife kept strapped to his ankle, as well as a grenade or two, a Kevlar15 SuperBulletproof vest(A fictional carbon-Kevlar, 15 times stronger than just plain Kevlar. He also carries around an HE3 packet (A fictional powder which stuns and immobilizes the subject), and hair dye.

He wears a camouflaged sweatshirt and pants, or just plain blue jeans and a t-shirt. He originally had the bloody t-shirt, but it was removed from the storyline.

Stain used to be a Iraqi fox-zombie from March to May of 2008, and then was changed to a normal Gray Wolf for the rest of May until June, where he received a major color change. He went from gray and white to tan and white, and from Gray Wolf to Mexican Wolf from June until around August. He then received a species change, to an Eastern Timber Wolf, but no physical change took place.

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