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Stahi (born August 19, 1980) arrived on the "furry" scene back on The Lion King MUCK back in 1996 and then FurryMUCK in early 1997, though he didn't really get the name "Stahi" until later that year.

From 1997-2006, Stahi was almost always an African black panther, but after joining Second Life things changed. Acquiring the name "Stahi Columbia", he immediately purchased a Luskwood Avatars panther and continued to wear it as his main avatar until Irvin Maltz gave him a demo of an avatar he was going to be releasing known as the "Blueberry Acid Imp", and since then that's been his main avatar.

Stahi lives in a "lol furry" house in Nokesville, Virginia. He's attended every Anthrocon since 1999 (save for 2014 when he decided on a change of scenery and went to EverfreeNW), being on staff in one form or another (Security/Registration/Charity Auction/Masquerade) since '01, and he's acted as the "stage ninja" at Anthrocon's Masquerade and other events since around 2008.

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