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Squirrel and Hedgehog is a North Korean animated television series produced by SEK Studios with furry characters aired on North Korean state television. DVDs are currently available in Korean dub for limited export.

It is well-known for a number of scenes with graphic violence, including deaths of characters by shooting or martial arts, and for its propaganda content.

Plot and details[edit]

The series follow a conflict between communities of anthropomorphic animals living in an unspecified country. The show has had a discontinuous production and the style has developed over the years.

The entire series is essentially government propaganda, the citizens of Flower Hill being a metaphor for North Koreans and the enemy forces of weasels and wolves metaphors for Japan and the United States respectively (this especially in the second series).

First series[edit]

Large part of the episodes follow the adventure of Geumsaegi. A Flower Hill squirrel that infiltrates the ranks of the weasels and mice to act as a secret agent by pretending to defect from Flower Hill.

Episode 01 is actually an early old-style pilot episode with a number of differences both in style and plot (including a friendly and strong bear, who is also unreliable and alcoholic, possibly a metaphor for the Soviet Union)

Episodes 02- 24. Most of the old series includes recurring characters with weasels as the main antagonists, supported by crows and mice.

Second series[edit]

The new series, produced probably from the 2000's, show an improved style of animation and use of CGI.

After the defeat of the weasel army, the characters have to face the new threat of the wolves, lead by Captain Keoteo (Capt. Cutter or Devil, depending on translation), as remnants of weasels and mice keep making trouble.

Main characters[edit]

Geumsaegi(code name "Blossom", "Bangulkkot"): Is the main character of the series. He's a squirrel who spies on the weasels and mice, pretending to defect from Flower Hill. During the show he has great determination and intelligence and incredible skills in martial arts and marksmanship. He is also shown to have on-the-spot deduction skills, able to play along with any plot devised by the enemy (usually Moolmangcho) and turn it against them.

Juldarami: Often acting as partner and support character for Geumsaegi. He's a squirrel with a pair of strips on his tail, and during the adventures, sometimes shows even more hardness then Geumsaegi dealing with enemies. He is shown to have enormous determination and physical power, though it often makes him hot headed and rash. When Bamsaegi is captured by Moolmangcho, Julderami disregards his own safety (and quiet frankly that of Bamsaegi) to dash forward, shooting the enemy. His actions result in him getting shot, making him the third character in all of Flower Hill to be wounded/killed.

Bamsaegi: little brother of Geumsaegi. A new character of the second series. After the defeat of the weasel army he hopes that the new peace will allow him to live a civilian life, but danger is always lurking.

Moolmangcho: Of all the villains in the series, he's the most resistant. Moolmangcho is a mouse who shows a certain degree of intelligence, unlike of his species. During the whole first series he's the only one to ever suspect of Geumsaegi and try to demonstrate the true identity of the Flower Hill agent. Although the weasel army is destroyed in the end, he survive to fight another day. During an action against Geumsaegi he lost his tail and he's driven by revenge. He sometimes demonstrates good shooting abilities and martial arts (even if usually it's never enough to defeat the Flower Hills agents), but more often he prefers to flee. After the defeat of the Weasels army he's shown intents to carry on a personal vendetta against Geumsaegi, possibly with little concern for the general success of his "allied" wolves and weasels (who spent most of their time assuming Moolmangcho was Flower's Hill spy, rather then Geumsaegi).

Captain Keoteo (Capt. Cutter or Devil): the leader of the new antagonist faction introduced in the second series: the wolf army. His soldiers uniforms and hats resemble '50s years American ones. He displayed a ruthless behavior toward his enemies and lack of sympathy for his subordinates.

Minor characters[edit]

Lt.Fox: A new character introduced in the second series, she's the only fox seen in the show and acts as aide and lieutenant of Captain Keoteo.

Voice actors[edit]

First series[edit]

  • Geumsaegi (episode 5~31): Won Jeong Suk
  • Juldarami (episode 19~): Lim Bok Hee
  • Yelipalip, Goseumdochi (Hedgehog): Gwon Nyeong Ju
  • Mulmangcho, Juldarami (episode 10~13, 17): Kim Tae Lyeon
  • Captain Weasel, White Weasel: Kim Dae Hong

Second series[edit]

  • Geumsaegi (episode 32), Officer Hedgehog: Heo Gyeong Hee
  • Juldarami, Mulmangcho, Officer Hedgehog (episode 28): Lim Bok Hee
  • Bamsaegi, Lt. Vixen: Lim Un Yeong
  • Muloli, Officer Squirrel: Oh Lyu Gyeong
  • Undochi (Bamsaegi's partner, hedgehog): Choe Hyeon Ha
  • Yelipalip: Li Eun Ju
  • Captain Keoteo: Kim Yeong Cheol
  • Dr. Mole, White Weasel: Kim Dae Hong
  • Assistant Weasel: Song Yeong Cheol


The SEK Studios, the North Korean studios that produced this series, has also produced a number of stand-alone short cartoons with furry characters. Some of them are part of a large series named "The Clever Racoon-Dog". Unlike "Squirrel and Hedgehog," they're focused primarily on road safety education, science, sport, summer volunteer work etc. Different episodes are available on youtube.

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