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Squeaki Manatee is a furry writer, artist and actress from New Jersey, U.S.A. She has been active in the furry fandom since early 2009

Squeaki collaborated as a writer in Kabangeh Fitzroy's DVD project Wild for Passion. She wrote the segment "Barroom Cheer-up" and lent her voice talent as a monkey named Mona to the segment "Video Resurgence", and Mona's segment in "Wild for Passion 2: Our Summers."

She is a lover of irony as can be seen by her fursona choice.


Her chosen fursona is an Amazonian manatee based on the fact that manatees ironically contrast with her physique and general demeanor. An Amazonian woman, however, vaguely resembles her human personality. Squeaki's fursona is an 800 pound manatee standing 8ft 5in tall. Squeaki has 3 black hairs atop her head. She is most frequently featured with either a pink or purple hair bow above her right temple, and a purple and pink striped ascot or neck tie. The character loves shoe shopping despite the impracticality of not possessing feet. Her favorite food is pepperoni pizza. She is pleased with her physical appearance and doesn't care for females of an average weight.


The Squeaki name developed from an online video that she found to be exceptionally amusing. The name was first spelled as "SqueakyManatee" for a steam account. Once credit was due for acting talents she kept the handle with a change to the current spelling.

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